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How to Get Paid and Make More as an Online Coach and Course Creator

How to Get Paid and Make more as an Online Coach and Course Creator

April 3, 2024

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(While Also Improving your Money Mindset and Business Finances with my favorite resources)

By: Tiana Smith

It’s Part 2 of my 30-Day Series…

“30 Things I wish I knew when I started in Business”…

Today I’ll be sharing how to GET PAID online…from low-ticket items/services to high-ticket offers…and why that matters.

It’s time to turn your business into the CASH COW it was meant to be!

In this article you will find my 3 systems for getting paid…and improving your mindset so you can receive more! (If you don’t believe it’s possible…even if you’ve got the goods/services to back it up…you just can’t receive more!)

#1 Will be my favorite software and systems to use for getting paid for 1:1 services…

#2 Will be my best tips for getting paid for automated things like products, courses, or digital downloads.

#3 My top 3 Books for Money Mindset and Biz Finance.

EVEN IF….you’re not making money yet.

There’s a saying that goes “Money loves intention”…


If you get all your systems up READY to make money…

The money will come…

So let’s “dig those ditches” and expect the rainfall of money to come our way!

The truth is…if your accounting and money are all over the place- you won’t be able to receive more.

Before we get into the juicy details of selling more and working with clients…

I want to share the term “eat the frog”…

Meaning…Do the hardest thing first (CLICK HERE to read my blog post I wrote about this in-depth)

(I talk about this in my Freedom Planner method of doing the hardest thing first thing in the morning)

I think for most of us- money is hard because most of us didn’t grow up rich.

And so, because there was a lack somewhere…

Or perhaps guilt tripping from a parent or a spouse as an adult…or from ourselves…

A lot of people tend to procrastinate tracking their money…

checking their bank accounts…

their sales goals…

their spending habits…

OR…on the other side of things…

Obsess about it…

But there can be a beautiful way of looking at money that is organized and abundant.

#1- 1:1 Getting Paid and Receiving Money

My favorite system for organizing my finances and invoicing clients 1:1 is QuickBooks.

This is my #1 because you can combine all your accounting here for the year…which makes tax season easier for you and your accountant.

When I decided to just use the program that all my bookkeepers and accountants need- life got easier.

Here’s the thing- I now hire out for this area at tax time…

But I know how to upload my bank accounts here and invoice clients here.

#2- Automated Payments Online – my favorite way to get paid online for automated payments (low ticket items, courses, group coaching) is Stripe…although in the last few months they’ve made a lot of changes for higher priced packages- so I recommend you only run transactions that are $2,000 or less through Stripe.

Stripe is also attached to my Go High Level account (a software I use and will be talking more about more) to automate my courses, digital downloads and group coaching sales as well.

So go ahead- go get yourself a free Stripe account today…and you can get paid asap!

Stripe is free- but it takes a % of what a client pays you.

The % change so don’t quote me- but it’s around 3% and sometimes more if you want to get paid faster (like they have an instant pay option instead of waiting an extra 3-days but it means they take an extra 1%)

It’s worth it. And NO I don’t charge my clients my stripe fee.

Personally, I find that petty.

COST OF DOING BUSINESS: When I invoice a client for $10,000 or $20,000 or $60,000… I just chalk up the fee as a cost of being in business.

CASH ONLY: Also…when transactions are higher (20k and higher), I have a Bank Transfer or Cash Only Rule. Just an FYI…if this stops some of your buyers- remind them that they can get cash advances on their credit cards and then bank transfer/wire you the money. This protects me from higher credit card fees and also protects the assets (websites, funnels, brands, industry secrets) I give customers. A chargeback (though rare) is extremely painful at the 20k range…but the $100-$2k aint no thang.

If you want more features for invoicing- I recommend the paid program for QuickBooks- but if you’re strapped at first- get that Stripe going- and then get a new client- then open QuickBooks (about $29/month)

A tip could be…At first- make your first month of sales if just starting out and use Stripe.

Then take some of the cash, pay for QuickBooks for the year (pay for the year as much as possible to keep monthly costs down and give yourself a runway)…and then start invoicing and getting paid there on larger checks and use Stripe for smaller sales like memberships, courses, ebooks, etc.

So- are you ready to MAKE MORE MONEY?

#3 – My Top 3 Books for Money Mindset and Business Finances.

These books below are my favorite money mindset books to help you start to heal and grow your relationship with money. (I’ve hyperlinked them to Amazon for you.)

***These first two are money mindset books based on abundance and the more of life. They really will help you understand we live in a wealthy world and to tap into that.

#1 “You were born Rich” by Bob Proctor

#2 “A Happy Pocketful of Money” By David Gikandi

#3 “Profit First” by Mike Michalowicz(this is the go-to book most entrepreneurs and accountants I’ve worked with recommend for organizing your business finances)

I’d love to know what action you took! Please come let me know in my VIP Facebook Group for Solopreneurs scaling to 7-Figures​ and/or leave me a message on my contact page.

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