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How to charge what you’re worth

(Cheaper does NOT mean More Sales!) -Tiana Smith It’s Part 3 of the “30 Things I wish I knew” (TIWIK)…when I started in the Business series… to help you shortcut your business success. Today I’ll be sharing PART #3 which is..CHEAPER DOESN’T MEAN MORE SALES Ok we get it! Everyone loves a sale and an […]

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I’m Tiana.
I'm Your Go-To Get It Done Funnel Expert and Monetization Strategist

I help impact driven entrepreneurs and coaches monetize with proven systems while creating positive global impact.
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How to Get Paid and Make more as an Online Coach and Course Creator

(While Also Improving your Money Mindset and Business Finances with my favorite resources) By: Tiana Smith It’s Part 2 of my 30-Day Series… “30 Things I wish I knew when I started in Business”… Today I’ll be sharing how to GET PAID online…from low-ticket items/services to high-ticket offers…and why that matters. It’s time to turn […]

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by Tiana Smith This is Part 1 of a new series I’ll be posting about daily on my blog and on my newsletter. This is all based on “30 things I wish I knew when I started in business”… Also to be known as, 30 TIWIK… First up… #1 Setting up your business legally… And […]

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The system I’ve used to create my dreams business that funds my dream life..and how you can too NOW!

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In this blog post I have included the special Video Training and Podcast where I walk you through the 4 pieces our team at The 7-Figure Club personally puts into place for every new VIP client.

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Sales Calls 101: The 5 Questions You Should ask on Every Sales Call to Close and Connect faster. By Tiana Smith In this blog post…where I’ve also attached my podcast and video training (see below) I share how to close more high ticket sales through my proven 5-question formula. This is perfect for you if […]

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How to Compete Everyday…and Win… in Life and Business (with Jake Thompson) By Tiana Smith with Special Guest, Jake Thompson 3 Ways To Gain A Competitive Edge Jake Thompson is an author, speaker, and the Chief Encouragement Officer at Compete Every Day, a brand he started in 2011 by first selling t-shirts out of the […]

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By Tiana Smith There are 3 Goals that I believe will move all your other goals forward. #1- A Money Goal. let’s be real- Money makes the world go round…and money with an intention of love and power makes it go even better #2- A Health/Wellness/Body Goal It’s true- money is good and it can […]

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By Tiana Smith There are 3 Key Strategies that I have followed for years to become a highly paid content creator, influencer and business owner. These strategies have helped me create THOUSANDS of videos, posts and taught clients of mine (from all ages and different countries) how to become a pro content creator. Let’s get […]

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by Tiana Smith We have all heard the term, “Elevator Pitch.” However, now-a-days the majority of networking isn’t being done at live conferences and in elevators between floors… Networking (and sales)are happening every second while your potential new client (or boss) is swiping on social media. So I updated the term to “Power Statement.” What […]

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