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How to Sell High Ticket on Social Media

February 13, 2021

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“The 3 Things You Need in Place to Sell 5-Figure Packages on Social Media”

I get it!

You have probably heard ALL kinds of things you “Need” in place to actually “sell” high ticket on social media.

The truth is…most of it isn’t true.

It’s either too simplified, to lie and say you don’t need a funnel…and if you just “sign up” (on their funnel) they will tell you why you don’t need a funnel (never believe a liar if they’re leading with a lie).

OR people are saying you need to do 100 steps before you can sell 4 and 5 figure high ticket packages. (i.e. “take this course, market research for months, build your course, launch your course, wonder why you didn’t make any money, give up or try again with the same cycle”…there’s a better way and it’s faster and more simple than all this!)

In this video below here, I went live on Facebook after closing $10,500 following a 1 hour live masterclass. I share the 3 things you do need in place to start closing 4 and 5-figure deals on social.

HOWEVER there were steps I took, and things you need to have in place, before this can happen.

Step 1: You need a nice looking brand across all social media platforms so that people who pay high ticket will be drawn to how good your brand looks.

Step 2: You need to be posting consistently (daily) and emailing (weekly) so that when you do these higher ticket offerings- you’ve already positioned yourself as a consistent leader and people understand you’re a Top Tier Coach/Course Creator.

Step 3: You need to know your offer, be able to share what your offer is, and have 1 specific call to action (a sales call) at the end of your live presentation (or a post on social also works)

To get the full details- watch this short (7 min) video and learn how to TRULY position and sell HIGH TICKET once and for all.

If you’re interested in learning more about what I do you can CLICK HERE to apply for a free strategy call.

Or come and FOLLOW me on Instagram @Tiana_Smith_Coaching or CLUBHOUSE @TianaSmith.

by Tiana Smith

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