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4 Steps to Onboard New VIP Clients

October 31, 2023

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The 4 Systems to create a VIP Experience when you onboard new clients (that increases connection and retention)

By Tiana Smith

Have you ever wondered if you could charge higher prices…and what that would look like?

In business, the common mindset to competition is two-fold:

#1) Charge less and undercut your competition.

#2) Charge more and give way more value and an “experience” so people are excited to pay more and work with you.

Both are options.

I have chosen option #2 in my business, services, coaching and courses…

and it has made all the difference.

In this blog post I have included the special Video Training and Podcast where I walk you through the 4 pieces our team at The 7-Figure Club personally puts into place for every new VIP client.


I’ll list out the four pieces below- but I recommend you listen to the podcast and watch the video so you can see the visuals of what I’m talking about.

If you would like help getting your brand to that LUXURY/EXPERIENCE level…and implementing these VIP systems…my team and I at the 7-Figure Club would be honored to serve you. CLICK HERE to apply for a FREE Strategy Call with me or a team member.

A pre-work for these 4 steps also begins by creating an environment of VIP for yourself: How you hold yourself and the level of excellence that you commit to having in your life, body and business will play out in the VIP experience of your clients

Also, keep in mind…that these systems won’t work if the aesthetics, design, and branding aren’t top-notch.

Part of having a “VIP Experience” absolutely starts with a luxury look and feel.

The 4 Onboarding Systems that we help clients with are the following:

1.) Private Web Page with a table of contents including Office Hours, Contact Info to me and the team, Links to join our Private App, Video Training, Calendar Subscriptions and more. This keeps all the contact info in one place so that if someone loses their login info, we can send them one link instead of a bunch of emails and links.

2.) A Video Walk-Through to join the App: we realized that a lot of people had some tech issues getting our app on their desktop and phone. So, on the first point of contact (the web page listed above) we also now have a short video of how to download the app. This has helped us and our clients get onboarded faster.

3.) Private 7-Figure Club App: Our private 7-Figure club app is hosted through Mighty Networks. It includes our courses, live events, live streaming, a community wall, a community chat and a private chat. This has been an INCREDIBLE asset to ourselves and our clients mention over and over they love the luxe feel and how easy it is to access from their phones or computers.

4.) The 7-Figure Club Printable Playbook: Our VIP clients loved when we integrated a 7-Figure Club Printable playbook. This is a step-by-step to the mindset in the 7-Figure club. We include printable goal sheets, layouts of funnels, fill-in-the blank quizzes, office hours, and so much more! They LOVE it! This definitely uplevels our brand and it helps our clients stay on track towards their goals.

If you’re interested in scaling your business…Tiana Smith and her 7-Figure Club Team offer 1:1 strategy calls and biz audits. You can CLICK HERE NOW to book a Free 7-Figure Strategy call today.

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