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I’m Tiana, Your Go-To Get It Done  Funnel Expert and Monetization Strategist

If you're a coach, course creator, investor, entrepreneur or small business owner and you're ready to have a ONE AND DONE place to learn all things online marketing, funnels, list building so that you can increase profits...you're in the right place.  

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I've created a simple 3-Part System that can help you scale your business in months not years.

You want FREEDOM, right? We all do. But what does FREEDOM look like to you?  To me, Freedom means... CHOICES. The choice of what I want to do to make money. The choice of who I want to work with. The choice of when I work...and to also have a balanced family life, healthy lifestyle and FUN...while having the time and energy to impact this world for the better! 
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Luxe Branding

You wear a lot of hats. We get it. Why not let us wear one? If you're ready for a LUXE, custom brand (or re-brand) that puts you in the category of Tiffany and Co., Gucci or Anthropologie...you're in the right place.

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Cash Injection Coaching

So you want to learn how to use your new LUXE brand and online funnels to actually bring in CASH...and FAST... right? RIGHT! We get it! Our proven Cash Injection Formula will give you a step-by-step simple daily marketing strategy, custom to YOUR unique goals, to take your audience from COLD to SOLD.

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Systems to Scale

If you don't have an automated way to collect leads and sales...you're literally sitting on a pile of money. There are BILLIONS of people on the internet who need what you have. But you need a SYSTEM to find them and them to find you. Let's get you set up!

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“Tiana helped me go from 0 on my email list to 1800 new leads and have a $180k launch in just 90 days with her system."


Enneagram 8, i crave change, fun, and adventure while seeking truth and deep meaning to everything i do.



Free Marketing Cheat Sheet

Ready for a short-cut, fun appraoch to daily marketing...that will help you BOOK OUT your coaching/consulting business in 30 days or less...PROVEN! (Plus I even included a bonus video explaining exactly how I personally used it to generate 6-figures!)


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Daily Posting Cheat Sheet (plus Canva templates)

Are you ready to stop the hamster-wheel-hustle and guessing game of what to post and when to post? I got your back. Grab my cheat sheet now!


Free Business Planner Printable

Get my most popular download ever, The Freedom Planner for FREE. A daily planner, pre-printed business to-dos to increase your sales and productivity FAST!


Favorite Money Mindset Resources

The #1 issue I find when working with my VIP clients...isn't their branding or funnels (that matters too) but it's their money mindset. I put together some of my favorite life-changing money resources for you.



Helping brands show up online with luxe style and 


In this day and age where anyone can put up an Instagram account and call themself a "coach"...there is a way to stand out from the crowd. It requires the 3-Part proven system I have mastered and duplicated for my clients and brands for over 10 years. Let's set you up.

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