We build Luxury Brands and Profitable Funnels. 

We work with coaches, course creators, authors, speakers, investors, and creative entrepreneurs to help them expand their brand so that you can become more profitable and create positive global impact.


HERE'S WHY We CAN HELP with that

Our Story

Tiana Smith started her career in music with her undergrad from Berklee College of Music and then received her Masters Degree in Marketing from Full Sail University.
She quickly became the go-to social media and funnel consultant in the Entertainment and Coaching Business. With over 20 years doing Online Marketing, Funnels, Websites, Social Media Marketing for companies like Sony, Warner Brothers, Celebrities and Successful Entrepreneurs...
Tiana and her team have launched funnels for clients in all areas of services and helped them create their first 5-figure, 6-figure, 7-figure and 8-figure launches.

We'd love to work with you if you are committed to scaling your business to 6-7 figures in the next months and year.

what We can do for you:

LUXE Branding

Tiana and her team are experts at LUXE Branding. We build custom to you, luxury branding that's competitive with the top entrepreneurs and brands worldwide.

Cash Injection Coaching

Tiana and her team take up to 3 clients who are ready to monetize quickly and want to have a proven cash injection method with Daily Accountability.

Done-For-You Funnels

Tiana has a proven system to helping entrepreneurs scale their business with her 8-figure Impact Funnel Formula. This means "Done-For-You" every step of the way.



A beautiful brand is timeless.

A Brand is so much more than just the Logo, Colors and Fonts. A branding session and makeover with TS Coaching also includes your marketing messaging. The taglines that explain what it is you do in 1 sentence so that people know to press "like" or "Follow" on social media. 

Custom Logo, Color Palette, Luxe Fonts

Your entire Brand Kit uploaded to your Canva

social media matching headers + marketing templates


Cash Injection Coaching

We know how to sell on social, baby.

You can have a gorgeous brand, but if you don't know how to post on social media, get people onto your email list and have a simple system to close sales- you'll be sitting pretty with 0 cash in the bank. Tiana will work with you 1:1 to learn how to create your offer, monetize your offer and drive traffic to your offer.

Weekly 1:1 coaching and strategy with Tiana

Daily m-f 1:1 Whatsapp text and video support

sales offer creation and Client Attraction system

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Done-For-You Funnels

Tech Overwhelm? Never fear- We are here!

We put the FUN and SPEED back in funnels. From your email automation, to list building, lead qualification funnels, and  of course sales funnels. It will all be done once and for all...in in weeks instead of months and years!!
Did we mention we also help you write all the copy for your funnels and your email follow up? Just say "YES" and Like a Genie, we're here to grant your Funnel wishes! 

Online audit of your goals and systems 

done-for-you custom funnels 

coaching and education in the 7-figure club 



Want me to teach you instead? 

Education + Courses

If you're just starting out, or perhaps you have a passion to learn about funnels and email sequences...
I have a couple proven funnel training systems that are "Done-With-You"...meaning...
I have a video screenshare, plus plug-n-play funnel templates, fill-in-the-blank email sequences, canva graphics and more...
This is a lot less cash investment, but more of a time investment. You can learn more about my courses below.


Kind Words

Tiana helped me make over 25 million with the funnel and strategy she taught my team and I."

— Carl allen, CEO and investor

I've never had content this great before French 75. My social media is totally exploding with engagement.

— Jennifer, co-Founder, Tonic site shop

It's such a load off my mind not worrying if I'm going to have something to post. It's all done for me!

— elena, rose mercantile

The TS Promise

What Makes Us Different

1.) We actually care about you. We hand pick every single clients since we are a One-and-Done program. We invest our time and our hearts into you and your dream business. 
2.) We don't just TELL you what to do...we also don't just SHOW you what to do (but we do that also!) Most importantly WE DO IT FOR YOU and WITH YOU! This is an arm-in-arm get it done bootcamp style program. 
3.) We work with entrepreneurs committed to excellence and high achievers in all areas of life. What is the point of a 7-8 figure business...if you lose your health, family and fun? We believe you can have it all...and we lead by example in this area as well!

We get you. we've been there. we can help.


It’s never too late
to rewrite your
your business
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let's work together

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